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This great luxury case features original leather exterior with  reinforced angles and riveted hardware. We produce the case in the traditional way with the body structure made from solid oak which is then polished and cased in best leather inserts. The case internall can is fit exactly parallel and over-under shotguns with compartments for the accessories, one multipurpose space and the other for the chokes. The case then is lined with red baize. The brass fittings, protective corners and finally two outer straps makes this product the ultimate way to show your style through the skill and craftsmanship. Our cases are compatible with 410-20-12 gauge calibres and are suitable for both side by side and over under shotguns.

As an option the lable on the cover can be customized with your wording.

LUXCASE - "leather on wood" gun case

$200.00 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price
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