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How to measure your body size

Measure your body dressing a T-shirt in the four positions as per the picture on the side.
Use a soft tape tailor meter and stay in the same position as shown.
Chest: measure it where lenght is larger
Sleeve: measure from the bottom of the neck to the hand's knuckles.


Using the table below, find the jacket size that best fits your body size.
Choose the standard size of the jacket.
To make sure of your choice, please send us your body measures in order to double check.


human measures for jacket
standard measures chart for jacket


For example, say Jack is a short man with a pronounced belly, he has the following body measures matching different jacket sizes. When we build the jacket the Chest, Waist and Hip measure will be increased of 6+6 cm in order to allow other underlayers and  movement comfort particularly when aiming the target.

In this case, Jack must buy 3XL because of his waist



Unfortunately, Jack's jacket will arrive with very long sleeves because 3XL sleeve is around 95cm and his arm length is only 80cm. Chest (+5cm)and Hip (+19) will be too large making the jacket loose.

If Jack wants a perfect fit, a tailor-made jacket is the solution. Our ability to make tailored products, is a direct consequence of our nature: we are artisans and tailors, we do not make mass production, and each piece is produced at the time of the order.

For a little price surcharge we will make the jacket exactly for your body size.

example of body size
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